Ambiga College of Arts & Science for Women

      Ambiga College of Arts and Science for Women was founded by DR.S.Solaimalai, a great philanthropist and strict disciplinarian with a vision and favour for the empowerment of women. The college has completed 21 years of committed service towards higher education for women. The college has an enrollment of about 1500 women students and has a team of committed staff with 56 teaching faculty and 10 non teaching staff.

      The college currently offers Eleven Under Graduate, Five Post Graduate, Two Diploma and one Certificate Courses. The college started functioning in 1994 with the sole aim of uplifting the down trodden and weaker section who were predominant in this area at that time. Much importance was given to educate the women population mostly poor and ignored in the field of education and social life. With this aim we started to imprint our small step on the sands of time and no doubt that small step has grown into GIANT LEAP over this years.

      With the co-operation and the support of every one in the teaching and learning process we have achieved our goal. The students of Ambiga College have produced 100% results in most of the papers. The average mark of a student in Ambiga College is more than 60% (i.e.,) First Class.

      Every Year the Management present the Best Students Award, and Best class Award, On the basis of the marks obtained in the university examinations and discipline. Many students have participated and presented papers in inter collegiate seminars conducted by several colleges. We don't treat our students in the college like birds in the cage, but we give them practical knowledge and impart field experience as a part of our endower to uplift their academic and social out look. Our students have visited sugar factory, milk factory, biscuit factory, different mills like Meenakshi mill, and Thiyagarajar mill as industrial visit.


Ambiga offers various Programmes like

      Red Ribbon Club,
      Consumer Club,
      National Service Scheme [2 Units 103 & 221]

Instructions to Applicants

      1. Application for Admission should be made in the prescribed form. The entries in the application form should be written by the
     2. The following original certificates should be produced at the time of Admission.


                 1. H.Sc. Statement of Marks.
                 2. Transfer Certificate.
                 3. Conduct Certificate.


                 1. UG Statement of Marks.
                 2. Provisional or Degree Certificate.
                 3. Transfer Certificate.
                 4. Conduct Certificate.
     3. The Original Certificates submitted to the office at time of admission will not be returned under any circumstances. Hence, applicants
         are advised to take sufficient number of attested copies of their certificates before they hand them over to the office at the time of
     4. Fees once paid will not be refundable under any circumstances.
     5. Students are requested to provide 3 Passport Size Photos.


      1. The College functions in the newly constructed three storeyed building. Well equipped Laboratories for Microbiology and Computer
          Science are provided. Students find great pleasure working extra hours in these laboratories.
      2. Easy and regular transport facilities are available from all parts of the City.
      3. Government scholarships for SC/ST students and Bank Loan facilties.

Rules & Regulations

      All students who join the college shall abide by the rules and regulations framed by the college. At the time of interview the parents of
      the student should give an undertaking that if her/his daughter misbehaves, she/he will agree by the decision taken by the Principal.

      The Principal has the power to Fine/Suspend/Dismiss any student at anytime from the college for following reasons:
           1. Irregularity in Attendance.
           2. Unsatisfactory Academic Progress.
           3. Misconduct and Misbehaviour.
           4. Non-Payment of Fees and Dues.
           5. Violation of College Rules and Regulations.
           6. Any other reason at the Discretion of the Principal.