B.Sc (Chemistry)

      The curriculum leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry has been planned for students preparing for professional work in Chemistry, Biochemistry, or related fields. There is a high demand for chemistry graduates. Employment opportunities for chemists are numerous and diverse, in both specific and broad areas. A chemistry degree is one of the most versatile you can obtain because of the fundamental nature of the discipline, and also because it can be combined with so many other sciences, leading to powerful and sought-after skills.

      Examples of the types of careers for chemists are: 1.Environmental and Analytical Chemists - May work in the pharmaceutical industry, environmental testing, or forensic science laboratories. 2. Research Chemists - May work in universities, scientific institutes, government or the private sector. 3. Chemistry teachers - Can gain employment in secondary or tertiary institutions. In addition, chemists may be employed in diverse roles in private companies, local councils, state and federal government regulatory authorities (such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and CSIRO), universities and hospitals.